What Make Us Different

Workaholic sales and hard working workers help you to develop great sales and extra profits.


Expert teams would provide you profes-
sional suggestions for your designs to
maximize yourimpact and sales . Our
sales representativeswill be with you
every step of the way which…


We can fulfill your printing needs under
one roof with modernized machines.
The streamlined production helps us to
keep costs down-savings that we pass
down to our customers!


We offer optional products to meet your
budget. There are a wide range of products
to choose from for different applications,
such as Plastic Card, Paper Card and 3D
lenticular card etc.


We use offset, silk-screen, digital
printing to guarantee the printing
resultin faster turn-around time
and lower cost for you.

Top 10 Global Net Entrepreneurs - Alibaba


In the face of intense international foreign trade environment today, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises tend to choose e-business style, like Alibaba etc.

With ceaseless effort and contribution to b2b platform, we are glad to be awarded as Top 10 Global Net Entrepreneur on the evening of September 8th, 2012.


Who are we


Since 1999, CXJ card factory has been producing business for China, and until now in 2023, we have 24 years of experience in card production, printing and sales.
We are a full-service card printing company that takes care of 100% of all your printing needs with craftsmanship.

CXJ card factory started as a small factory in 1999, only supplying plastic cards and PVC cards for the domestic market. In 2007, the importance of the Internet became increasingly prominent, so the CXJ Card factory worked hard to transform, decided to set foot in a wider external market, and began to try global trade. In 2008, the company began to have its own foreign trade marketing team. , you can view the information of CXJ Card factory. As of 2023 before the tomb, we have completed the enterprise transformation integrating industry and trade, and have a R&D department with 20 people and 200+ employees.

Colleagues, we also realized that the singleness of products restricted the development of the company. Through market research and analysis, we also began to develop more production lines. Up to now, we have completed the development of smart card series products such as RFID wristbands, as well as series products such as RFID tags and special RFID tags, and can develop and produce more special-purpose smart cards and labels according to your needs, and Has a lot of project experience in the RFID Internet of Things industry

Why Choose Us ?

Among the countless reasons to choose us, here are six most basic:

Superior Quality Products

Latest Print Technology

A Wide Range Of Products

Modern and Secure Facility

Professional and Friendly Services


In our 20 years of production experience, we have provided card or smart card services for major brands in the world. We have rich experience in large and small orders and can definitely provide you with the best service.