CXJ Card Factory

Chuangxinjia Holdings is one of the earliest companies in China to provide high-performance RFID products and professional solutions services. It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries. Chuangxinjia was founded in 2005. After 14 years of technological innovation from smart card to RFID tag, as well as the overall transformation of market products, it has developed into a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company starting with 33 technicians and producers at the initial stage of the establishment, starting with the design and manufacture of PVC cards and smart cards initially involved in the market, the company has transformed the traditional manufacturing industry into an enterprise of Real Aircraft (RFID technology development). It has accumulated dozens of software copyrights and practical new invention patents, and has passed the national high-tech enterprises. Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certification, to create an integrated enterprise system of R&D +manufacturing + large market. At the same time, the company introduced the enterprise culture concept of “army + school + family”. Business model and marketing model are constantly innovating. It applies B2B, B2C network platform and powerful sales team to promote its products globally. After many years of efforts and struggle, the customers across to five continents of transportation, electronic communications, tourism culture, animal husbandry and aquatic products, health care, financial services and other fields.

Overview of Production Line

  • 1: PVC Card Production Line: monthly output of 40 million sheets; brand new CTP machine, 2 Heidelberg offset printing machines, and 12 laminating machines.
  • 2: RFID Smart Card Production Line: monthly output 50,000,000; brand new CTP machine, 2 Heidelberg offset printing machines, 4 fully automatic punching machines, 12 laminating machines, fully automatic coding machines;
  • 3: RFID Label Production Line: monthly output 30,000,000; 6 RFID flip-chip machines, composite die-cutting machines, and laminating machines. Single and double station label inspection machines, multi-function placement machines;
  • 4. Antenna Production Line: monthly output 30,000.000; roll-to-roll printing machine, antenna composite machine, erosion engraving machine;

Top Brand Quality Service Provider

14 years of intensive cultivation in PVC Card and RFID industry serve for over 1000+ brand more than 100+solution provide product services over 10000+

Covering over 60 countries and regions worldwide.