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  • NFC ntag215 NFC Chip Card


    • NFC blank white card, free to customize as you want
    • Operate easily: Just put your phone over the card. No need internal energy
    • Perfect Size: Standard ISO card size, fits more
    • Fast reading speed: with NTAG215 Chip, Compatible with amiibo, 504 bytes memory
    • High quality material: hard-wearing PVC/Plastic
    • Effective manufacturing, fast delivery

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  • NFC Card for Payment Colorful PVC NFC Card


    • Easy for printing with most ID Card printers 
    • Perfect for ID Badges, business cards, VIP cards, etc.
    • Custom colors you want
    • High quality PVC/Plastic material
    • Super low wholesale price in industry

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  • Custom NFC Cards


    • Product Name : RFID Card,125Khz ;Material : Plastic, PVC
    • Standard : EM4200,EM4100;Reader Distance : 5-12mm
    • Compatible with all ID door access devices or ID reader
    • Contactless transmission of data,Only can be read,can’t be rewritten,or used to copy other RFID cards
    • 125Khz,RFID type only,only compatible with the RFID 125Khz Card Reader
    Best Custom RFID Cards Manufacturer in China – CXJ Cards Factory

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  • Metal NFC Business Cards


    • Digitally Immersive Experience: Make the most complicated tasks more simple in just one touch. 
    • Easy Operate: You just need hover your phone over the card, data will send to your phone directly.
    • Perfect Size: Standard ISO card size
    • Extremely Fast: with NTAG215 Chip, Compatible with Amiibo and TagMo, 504 bytes memory.
    • Highest Quality & Warranty

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  • Features:

    Extremely Fast: with NTAG215 Chip

    Wide Application

    Highest Quality & Warranty

    Learn More below

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  • NFC Debit Card


    【Safe and durable】

    Made of high-quality PVC material, it is waterproof, drop-proof.

    【Extensive operation】

    504 bytes usable memory, work Perfectly in Android and IOS

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  • NFC Smart Card


    – Professional contactless business card with NFC chip

    – QR Code enabled

    – Designed to work without needing an app

    – Carry your full profile

    – One Card is enough 

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  • nfc cards 24k gold


    • With 24k Gold NFC Card adaption, we are able to offer the following types:
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Membership/VIP Cards
    • Reward Cards
    • Gift cards
    • Discount cards
    • Employee/Photo/Portrait ID Cards
    • Phone/Calling Cards
    • Calendar Cards, Etc.

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  • print pvc cards

    We supply printing options:

    1) offset printing CMYK full color printing

    2) Silk printing PANTONE Color

    3) digital printing

    4) thermal printing

    5) laser printing

    6) ink-jet printing.

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