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  • RFID Card with Smallest Rfid Chip


    • Product name: RFID smart card
    • Frequency: 13.56Mhz
    • Material:PVC
    • Finishing: Laser Printing/silk screen printing
    • Function: Access control read and write as required
    • Design: Custom

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  • RFID Smart Card

    RFID Smart Card Spec:

    •  Standard 125Khz ID Card; Read only, can’t been programmed
    •  Can not support HID
    •  Compatible with standard ID access devices or ID reader
    •  Can’t compatible with UHF reader and encrypted readers, for example, HID, Indala,Cobra, APCiK ,Paradox,Radio, etc.
    • Pre-programmed with unique 18-digit ID number on each card. (The first 10 digits are the ABA code, the last 8 digits are wiegand code)

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  • RFID Key Cards


    • Compatible only with Saflok, Kaba, Onity, Ilco, and Securelox.
    • Not Compatible with Vanguard, Beline, Salto, Orbita, Suretech, Acculock, Betech locks
    • 1k Technology and 13.56 Mhz
    • Pack of 200 RFID Key cards per box

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  • RFID 125khz Card


    1) Item name:EM4100 ID card for access control
    2) Material:Top quality PVC
    3) Size: ISO Standard size:85.5x54x1.8mm
    4) Chip style: EM4100
    5) Craft: White
    6) Frequency: 125KHZ
    7) Read range: 10~12cm
    8) Operation Temperature:-40°C to 85°C
    9) Square coil,read distance is longer than normal ID cards.
    Package: 100pcs EM4100 Thick Clamshell 125KHZ id white card

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  • t5577 rfid card


    • Original T5577 Chip,it doesn’t have pre-programmed id number,so need to write the id on it before you read
    • it’s rewritable chip, and it can write in 125khz id format and H ID WG 125khz format
    • Please note it can’t be read before you program the chip
    • can write by 125KHz RFID writer/copier
    • Blank White Card,Printable by Zebra, Fargo, Evolis Card Printer

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  • TK4100 RFID Card LF RFID Card


    1. TK4100 RFID Card LF RFID 

    2. Pre-programmed with unique 18-digit ID number on each card.

    3. Contactless transmission of Data and Power (Low)

    4. Device Compatibility: Standard EM ID Access Devices or ID reader

    5. Size: Approx. 85.6x54x1.8mm / 3.37×2.13×0.07inch

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  • Features:

    • MIFARE Classic 4K Card operates at 13.56MHz wireless frequency
    • These RFID cards work with KABA,SAFLOK,MIWA AND ONITY LOCKS
    • All cards are pre-programmed with a unique ID(4 Byte UID). 
    • They are credit card size,each card individually OPP bag packed. 
    • Printable on all ISO Standard Desktop Photo ID Card Printers

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  • Customized Production of RFID Cards – CXJ Card Factory

    Welcome to CXJ Card Factory, if you are looking for RFID inlay boards, you have found a very reliable supplier. We offer a variety of RFID inlays.
    At the same time, we are also welcome friends from all over the world to visit our production factory or visit our factory via video call.Let you have a further understanding of our production strength and scale.

    Custom Bulk RFID Hotel Card?

    If you want to customize the RFID hotel key card for your hotel or update the design of your hotel key card, you can send us an Email directly and tell us your card chip type and appearance design. I think we will give you a good price.