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  • gift cards


    • Model NO.: CXJ-GC002
    • Material: PVC / ABS/ PET etc.
    • Size: CR80, 3.370”*2.125’’ (85.5*54mm)
    • Available crafts: Hot-stamping, signature panel, magnetic strip, UV spot etc
    • Printing: 4c offset printing
    • Option: Magnetic stripe on the back

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  • customized gift cards

    Customized Gift Cards With Colorful Printing Barcode

    • Model NO.: CXJ-GC001
    • Material: PVC, PET or ABS
    • Size: CR80, 3.370”*2.125’’ (85.5*54mm)
    • Surface: Glossy, matte or frosted lamination available
    • Color: CMYK according to customer’s design
    • Application: airline company , travel company etc.

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  • CXJ Card Factory: Your First Choice for Custom and Wholesale Gift Cards

    CXJ Card Factory is a leading supplier focusing on custom and wholesale gift cards. Whether you are a retailer, business owner or individual, CXJ Card Factory can provide you with high-quality, personalized gift cards. This article will describe the services and benefits of CXJ Card Factory and why it is the number one choice for custom and wholesale gift cards.

    Custom Gift Cards

    CXJ Card Factory is committed to providing customers with customized gift card solutions. Whether you need custom gift cards, holiday gift cards or personal gift cards, they can design and produce unique gift cards to your specifications. You can choose the size, material, color, pattern, LOGO, etc. of the card to ensure that the gift card perfectly matches your brand image or personal style. Customization can add to the attractiveness and distinctiveness of your gift card.