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  • Black Plastic Luggage Tag with Loop Buckle Strap
    • Material: PVC/ABS/PS/PET
    • Size: CR80, 3.370”*2.125’’ (85.5*54mm)
    • Printing: Inkjet / Thermal / UV
  • flamingo-luggage-tag


    • Can be customized to your specifications.
    • The tags are anodized and marked with white easy to read lettering.
    • You have the option to customize the front and back of the tag
    • Comes with a leather strap to attach them to your bag.

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  • monogrammed-luggage-tags

    Monogrammed Luggage Tags:Amusing And Practical

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  • CXJ Card Factory: The First Choice for Wholesale and Custom Luggage Tags

    We are a professional card manufacturer, providing wholesale and customized services for luggage tags. Whether you are an airline, travel agency, hotel owner, or a wholesaler who needs a large number of luggage tags, CXJ Card Factory can meet your needs.

    Advantages of Luggage Tag Wholesale

    CXJ Card Factory is a very stable and efficient card manufacturer, if you need a reliable supplier that can meet your needs for a large number of luggage tags. Then CXJ card factory has mass production capacity, which can process large orders quickly and guarantee on-time delivery. We have efficient production lines and supply chain management to ensure the stability of quality and delivery time. Wholesale advantages enable CXJ Card Factory to offer competitive prices and bring greater profit margins to your business.

    High Quality Materials and Durability:

    CXJ Card Factory uses high-quality materials to make luggage tags, such as durable PVC or silicone materials. These materials are durable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant, protecting luggage tags from damage during travel.

    Customized Design:

    In addition to wholesale services, CXJ Card Factory also provides custom-designed luggage tag services. Whether you need to print a specific Logo, text or pattern on the hang tag, they can make a unique design according to your requirements. Their design team will work with you to ensure the luggage tag is the perfect match for your brand image and needs.

    Variety of Materials and Styles

    CXJ Card Factory provides a variety of material and style options to meet the needs of different customers. You can choose from different materials such as plastic, PVC, leather, etc., depending on your luggage type and budget preference. In addition, they also provide a variety of hang tag styles, such as rectangular, round, oval, etc., to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of different customers.

    High Quality and Exquisite Workmanship

    CXJ card factory is committed to providing high-quality luggage tags. They use advanced manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure that each hang tag has good durability and appearance. They strictly control the quality during the production process, conducting comprehensive quality inspections to ensure that each hang tag meets the standards and expectations of customers.