metal membership cards

Metal Membership Cards | Custom & Wholesale

Metal Membership Cards:

  • Various materials are available
  • Can engrave LOGO and text
  • Shape: standard and non-standard

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Metal Membership Cards | Custom and Wholesale

  • Material: Metal
  • Shape: standard and non-standard
  • Shape: Convex code, Printed concave code, Corroded convex code, Corroded concave code, Manual concave-convex code
  • High quality material
  • Ultra low price wholesale

High-End Materials and Workmanship

CXJ Card Factory uses high-quality metal materials, such as stainless steel or copper alloy, for making metal membership cards. These materials are durable, scratch-resistant, and have a unique feel and look. The precision and quality of the metal membership cards are ensured through advanced craftsmanship and cutting techniques.

Custom Design and Personalization

CXJ Card Factory fully understands each customer’s unique needs and brand image. Their professional design team will work closely with customers to develop customized metal membership card designs according to customers’ requirements and brand style. Whether it is a brand logo, personal information or a specific graphic, it can be accurately reproduced on the metal membership card.

CXJ Card Manufacturer

We are one of the top 10 best influential Metal Membership Cards manufacturer in China and we can also produce nice paper and metal cards or cards in other materials.

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