Plastic Booklet | Custom and Wholesale

Plastic Booklet

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Full Color Printing
  • Size: Customizable Size
  • Pages: 5~50


Plastic Booklet


CXJ Card Factory: Custom and Wholesale Plastic Brochure

The handbook is an information dissemination tool widely used in enterprises, organizations and schools, and its importance is self-evident. CXJ Card Factory is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the customization and wholesale of plastic manuals. Whether you need to provide manuals for company promotion, product promotion, training materials or school courses, CXJ Card Factory provides a variety of options to ensure that you can customize high-quality plastic manuals that meet your needs.

Customized Design

CXJ Card Factory focuses on providing customers with custom-designed plastic manual services. During the design process, you can choose the size, shape, number of pages, binding method, etc. of the brochure to ensure that the brochure fits your publicity goals and brand image. Whether it is simple and elegant, professional and rigorous, or full of creativity and unique personality, CXJ Card Factory will create a manual design that meets your needs according to your requirements.

Various Material Options

CXJ card factory provides a variety of plastic materials for you to choose. Common plastic materials include PVC, PET, PP, etc., each of which has its own special characteristics and uses. PVC brochures are suitable for most common brochures, PET brochures have higher transparency and durability, and PP brochures have better waterproof performance. The professional team of CXJ card factory will recommend the most suitable material to make your manual according to your needs.

Personalization Options:

When customizing your plastic brochure, you can add personalization options as needed to make the brochure more personal and useful. CXJ card factory can add LOGO, pattern, text, and even special process treatment on the manual, such as bronzing, embossing, UV printing, etc., to increase the beauty and attractiveness of the manual.

Wholesale Advantage:

As a professional plastic manual wholesale supplier, CXJ card factory has the ability of mass production to meet your large order needs. Whether you need a small number of manuals for internal training materials, or a large number of manuals for product promotional materials, CXJ Card Factory can process your orders efficiently and deliver them on time, while providing competitive wholesale prices.

Vquality Assurance:

CXJ card factory pays attention to product quality and ensures that every plastic manual has undergone strict quality control. From material selection, printing quality to binding process, CXJ Card Factory is always committed to providing high-quality plastic brochures to meet customers’ requirements and expectations.