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  • Black CR80 PVC Cards Wholesale - CXJ Factory Outlet


    • Ultra low price PVC Cards wholesale
    • CR80 Standard Credit Card Size
    • Standard PVC Badge Thickness
    • Easy for printing
    • Perfect for ID Badges, Key Cards, etc.

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  • Blank Plastic ID Cards ID Badges Factory Outlet - CXJ Card


    • High quality blank plastic id card
    • Great for notes, reminders, info, phone numbers, codes, etc.
    • Writable on both sides & waterproof 
    • About half the thickness of a credit card 
    • Durable and elegant

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  • Laser Engraved Metal Frosted Plastic Business Cards


    • High quality material: PVC or Alloy material, hard to bend, won’t get rust
    • Standard bank card size: 86mm * 54mm, 0.20mm thickness
    • Can be finished with: laser engraving, common printing, etc.
    • Commonly used for: Business cards, thank you cards, or other crafting cards for needs.

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  • NFC Card for Payment Colorful PVC NFC Card


    • Easy for printing with most ID Card printers 
    • Perfect for ID Badges, business cards, VIP cards, etc.
    • Custom colors you want
    • High quality PVC/Plastic material
    • Super low wholesale price in industry

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  • If you have wholesale and custom demand for Blank Card, or high-volume white card needs, then CXJ Card Factory can meet your requirements. Here are the services and benefits we offer:

    Wholesale Blank Cards – CXJ Card Factory:

    We have a large supply of blank plastic PVC cards to meet your wholesale needs. CXJ Card Factory has an annual output of more than 10 million white cards. Whether you need hundreds or thousands of cards or tens of thousands, we offer fast shipping and competitive wholesale pricing.

    Custom Non-standard Blank Cards

    If you need blank cards with non-standard specifications, we can also provide them in large quantities, of course, including blank cards with NFC chips or blank cards with RFID chips, we can wholesale and customize them.

    High Quality Blank Card Material

    We use high quality plastic PVC material to make the cards, ensuring their durability and quality. The material is durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and suitable for a variety of applications.

    Fast Delivery:

    If you need wholesale and custom Blank Cards, CXJ Card Factory is your ideal choice. We offer high-quality card stock, custom designs, competitive wholesale pricing, and fast delivery. Whether you are a retailer, business, school or organization, we can meet your needs and provide the custom plastic PVC cards you need. Please get in touch with our team to know more about wholesale and custom and start customizing your plastic PVC card order.