Blank PVC Magnetic Stripe Card | Printing & Wholesale


  • Durable Magnetic Stripe
  • Suitable for Common Card Printers
  • Customizable
  • High Level Security
  • Ultra-low Price

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Blank PVC Magnetic Stripe Card Features:

  • Durable Magnetic Stripe: Data encoded safely.
  • Suitable for Common Card Printers: Our cards work well with all standard ID card printers.
  • Customizable: These cards can be used to store personal information for photo ID’s, financial information for credit card use or retailers who want to sell gift cards for their business.
  • High Level Security: These printable cards are equipped with high level security chips and stripes. 
  • Ultra-low Price in Industry: Competitive wholesale price in industry.

Blank PVC Cards with Magnetic Stripe - CXJ Card Factory Outlet

CXJ Card Manufacturer

We are one of the top 10 best influential (NFC/RFID) PVC & Plastic cards manufacturer in China and we can also produce nice paper and metal cards or cards in other materials.

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