13.56Mhz Blocking card RFID Skimming Protection

Tear Resistant Blocking card

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13.56Mhz Blocking Card Protector

CXJ blocker with the technological development of intelligent new era, the hacker can steal your information easily. 13.56Mhz Tear Resistant blocking card products which can protect your privacy and money are very necessary for you. CXJCARDFACTORY blocking card protects credit & debit cards from hackers & identity thieves by making your information invisible to criminals using our E-Field Technology.


Product name RFID blocking card
Material Plastic PVC+RFID blocking chip with or without LED light
Blocking Frenquency HF 13.56mhz, NFC
Size 85.5*54*1.3mm
Printing Custom LOGO Printing
Surface Glossy/Matt/frosted finish
Sample policy Free testing sample

Key Features:

Fits in Any Wallet, Installs in Seconds

100% Protection Guarantee

No Batteries Required, Lasts Forever

Works With All Credit & Debit Cards

Long Life Time, 100% Waterproof, Puncture and Tear Resistant

E-Field Technology

protection card




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