blocking card card blocker

Blocking Card Credit Card Blocker

-Technical Details
-Manufacturer ‎CXJ
-Brand ‎CXJ
-Item Weight ‎0.81 ounces
-Package Dimensions ‎5.5 x 3.1 x 0.1 inches
-Color ‎Blue
-Size ‎3.7*2.2 inches
-Manufacturer Part Number ‎Cards

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Blocking Card Credit Card Blocker:

  • Protect your personal data around town or while traveling, no need to worry about thieves.
  • Designed with the latest advanced RFID blocking technology on the inside, these slim and sleek cards slip in next to your other personal cards to create an invisible barrier around them.
  • It does this by emitting a counter-signal to jam scanner communication, and it doesn’t even need a battery!
  • The Smartest RFID Protection Solution,  it can provide perfect protection with all your cards from scanning and data theft. when you put it into your wallet.
  • Our blocking card operates 13.56 MHZ frequency, and the card disrupts radio frequency signals within a 5cm diameter (2.5cm each side of the card). It is very reliable to protect your whole wallet.
  • The same size as a credit card. Can easily be placed into your wallet. It is very convenient and there is no need for extra RFID sleeves.
  • Smart and with high security level. With an antenna and chip in the blocking card, it can identify any scanning instantly by sending out a scrambling signal.
  • HOW TO KNOW IF IT WORKS? – You can test it by placing it on top or underneath of your credit / debit card when trying to complete payment at a self checkout. The card will prevent any payment from being processed.Blocking Card

CXJ Card Manufacturer

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