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Bookmark Business Card

  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: rectangle corner or round corner
  • Printing:Digital printing / 4 full color printing / Screen printing / Offset printing


Bookmark Business Card, More Attractive Than Usual Business Cards

The bookmark business card is a unique and practical type of business card that combines the functionality of a traditional business card with that of a bookmark. This innovative approach offers several benefits, making it a valuable marketing tool for businesses and individuals alike. Let’s explore the advantages of using a bookmark business card:

  1. Multi-functionality:

    The primary benefit of a bookmark business card is its dual purpose. It serves as a traditional business card with contact information on one side while functioning as a bookmark on the other side. This versatility ensures that recipients are more likely to keep and use the card, extending its lifespan and increasing its visibility.

  2. Increased Brand Visibility:

    By being used as a bookmark, the business card becomes an integral part of the recipient’s reading routine. Every time the recipient opens the book, they are exposed to your brand and contact details, reinforcing brand recognition and increasing the chances of future interactions.

  3. Memorability:

    Bookmark business cards stand out from the standard rectangular business cards. The unique shape and added functionality make them more memorable to recipients. This distinctiveness can leave a lasting impression on potential customers, making it more likely that they will remember your brand and services.

  4. Conversational Starter:

    The bookmark business card often sparks conversations. Recipients are more likely to share it with others or mention it during discussions, creating an opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing and referrals.

  5. Practical and Useful:

    A bookmark business card fulfills a practical need, making it more likely to be retained and used. Readers appreciate the convenience of having a bookmark readily available, making it a thoughtful and useful gift.

  6. Extended Exposure:

    Traditional business cards may get lost or discarded, but bookmark business cards have a longer lifespan. They are kept with books and used over an extended period, providing ongoing exposure for your brand and message.


Production Name Plastic Bookmarks
Material PVC, Plastic, Environmental Protection Material
Size 90mmX54mm, 85mmX54mm
Shape rectangle corner or round corner
Printing Digital printing / 4 full color printing / Screen printing / Offset printing/Letterpress printing/ Transfer printing
Payment Method We can accept Paypal or Escrow for sample order or small amount.

50% T/T or Western Union deposit in advance, and 50% balance before shipment.

We also can accept L/C for bulk order.

Packaging 100pcs/lots, 2000pcs each poly bag, carton size 50x30x30cm, G.w.23kg
Lead Time 2-3 days for sample order.

5-7 days after order confirmed for quantity less than 500,000pcs

7-10 days after order confirmed for quantity over than 500,000pcs.

Why choose us:

  • Powerful productivity:
    Now our factory have three production lines, and have a strong productivity. In our products ,the smart card output about 10 million pcs monthly, and the INLAY is about 30 million copies monthly, electronic tags is about 8 million copies monthly. Our products in the United States, Australia,and the UK are welcomed in over 20 countries.
  • Own modern production equipment:
    Our factory have 3 lines packaging production, pour sealing machine 3 units. Own 2 lines combined with die cutting production, 2 sets composite machines, 2 units die cutting machine, 2 units slitting machine. There are 2 lines smart card production, all new printing machine 2 sets which imported from Germany, 2 sets on magnetic machines, laminating machine 10 sets, punching card machine 3 sets, 6 sets “PingMa” machines, 2 sets ink-jet printing machines, laser code machine 2 sets, convex code machine 2 sets, 6 sets NBS printer, etc.


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