Custom Printed Plastic Luggage Tags

Custom Printed Plastic Luggage Tags


Personalized luggage tags 

Information are easily identified.

Great luggage tags for travel, 

Colorful design

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  • Our personalized luggage tags come completely customized on our high visibility, high impact acrylic material. It is designed to take the toughest abuse while giving your luggage bag the most visibility. Each travel luggage set comes with two seven-inch wire ring loops allowing you securely fasten your tags to your luggage.
  • Best part of our bag tags for luggage is we personalize the luggage identifiers with your Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone # giving your luggage tags a great look and easily identified.
  •  Our Tags are not only great as luggage tags for travel, but also work great for luggage tags for kids, name tags, suitcase tags identifiers, gym backpack, travel backpack, briefcases, golf bag tag, and more. These tags can be conveniently fastened through the handle of any bag type to easily identify and sep arate your bag from all the others.
  •  Bright colorful luggage tags. The deep cut will provide a detailed contrast making your bag tags easy to read and last for a very long time.

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