Custom Printing Personalised Scratch-off Cards

Custom Printing Personalised Scratch-off Cards


  • Help you nicely keep in touch with your customers
  • Great quality of material
  • Perfect size for uses
  • Blank on back, easy to add information
  • Made in CXJ Card Factory

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Custom Printing Personalised Scratch-off Cards

  • These cute cards will communicate to your customers just how much you appreciate their order, which is a nice way to keep in touch with  your customers! 
  • Great Quality: Compared with the smaller, chintzier coupons printed on flimsy paper, this scratch cards are bigger & sturdier than that.
  • 2 by 3.5 inch Custom Offer cards are perfect for a variety of uses. You’ll get 20 inserts so there’s plenty to give out with your orders and communications. Write in the reward you would like to offer your customers, then cover with a scratch off sticker that is included with your purchase.
  • Blank on back: These fun cards help you recognize your customers in style. The back of each card is blank, making it quick and easy to add a handwritten note to your orders and communications.
  • Made in CXJ Card Factory, the top cards manufacturer in China with 20+ years experience in cards manufacturing and wholesale.

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CXJ Card Manufacturer

We are one of the top 10 best influential (NFC/RFID) PVC & Plastic cards manufacturer in China and we can also produce nice paper and metal cards or cards in other materials.

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