pool pass tags

Pool Pass Tags | Custom and Wholesale

Pool Pass Tags

  • Smooth or abrasive surface
  • Clear PVC material
  • Optional size, optional thickness

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Pool Pass Tags | Custom and Wholesale

Custom pool passes tags offer numerous benefits for pool owners and users, enhancing the pool experience and overall safety. Whether for public or private pools, these customized passes can significantly improve management and user satisfaction. Contact us now

  1. Enhanced Security:

    Custom pool passes can include personalized information, such as the user’s name, photo, and identification number. This helps ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the pool area, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry and improving security.

  2. Efficient Access Control:

    Using custom pool passes with barcode or RFID technology allows for quick and easy access control. Pool staff can scan or swipe the passes, streamlining the entry process and reducing waiting times, especially during peak hours.

  3. Branding and Marketing:

    Custom pool passes provide an opportunity for branding and marketing. Pool owners can incorporate their logo, colors, and other design elements to promote their facility and create a strong visual identity.

  4. Customizable Features:

    Pool passes can be tailored to meet specific requirements and preferences. Different pass types or colors can be designated for various membership levels, day passes, or seasonal passes, allowing for easy identification and management.

  5. Reduced Risk of Counterfeiting:

    Custom pool passes with security features, such as holograms, UV inks, or microprinting, are difficult to replicate, reducing the risk of counterfeit passes and unauthorized access.

  6. Membership and Guest Management:

    Custom pool passes facilitate efficient membership and guest management. The passes can be programmed to expire on specific dates, making it easy to track membership validity and guest usage.


Dimension CR80, 3.370”*2.125’’ (85.5*54mm)
Available Thickness 0.2mm/ 0.3mm/ 0.38mm/ 0.5mm/ 0.6mm/ 0.76mm etc
Printing Offset, Silk-screen PMS or metallic
Card Finish Glossy / Frosted / Matt
Available Options
1)  Barcode (Code 128/ Code 39/ EAN 8/ EAN 13/ UPC-A etc)
2)  Magnetic Stripe Hico (600Oe, 2750Oe, 3000Oe, 4000Oe)
Loco (300Oe )
Gold / Silver /Black magnetic stripe
3)  Signature Panel Grey / White color
4)  Serial Number Inkjet / Thermal / UV number
5)  Embossing Name / Number embossing in GOLD/SILVER color
6)  Hot Foil Gold/ Silver or any other color requested
7)  Varnish Coating Varnish printing or cover on printing
8)  Scratch Off Panel Pure grey / Logo printed
Application Club, Store, Hotel, Enterprise, Restaurant etc
Lead time 5~7 working days, based on qty
Shipping BY Express, Sea, Air, upon request
Samples Available samples for FREE


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