Reusable Plastic Name Badges PVC ID Badges

Reusable Plastic Name Badges PVC ID Badges


  • Name badge goes on straight and stays straight during use
  • Pin point is guarded while in use to eliminate the problem of snagging your clothing
  • PVC-free poly badges are top loading
  • Built-in chip or not
  • Details below

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Reusable Plastic Name Badges PVC ID Badges

  • Let people clearly see your information, easily create your own custom name tag that includes a picture of you
  • Clip-on badges feature garment-friendly clip that won’t damage fabric
  • Each name badge size can be customized

Make a Great First Impression with CXJ Name Badges

Whether you need name tags that employees and visitors can wear every day, badges for a multi-day meeting or seminar, or one-day tags for parties or events, there are many types of badges just for you. Design, print and customize yourself or even hand write.image

CXJ Card Manufacturer

We are one of the top 10 best influential (NFC/RFID) PVC & Plastic cards manufacturer in China and we can also produce nice paper and metal cards or cards in other materials.

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