RFID Blocking Card Rfid Credit Card Protector

RFID Blocking Card | Credit Card Protector


High Security

Reliable Technology

Compact and Stylish


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RFID Blocking Card | Credit Card Protector

  • SECURITY -The RFID Blocking Card Protection Solution, 1 RFID Cards protects all your cards from scanning and data theft.
  • RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY – 13.56 Mhz RFID Blocking Card is which jams and scrambles RFID / NFC signals, protecting your personal information from unauthorized scans.Safe and reliable way to protect their credit card or passport, driver license.
  • COMPACT AND STYLISH – Thinnest thickness – 0.9mm, the same size as a credit card. It is very convenient that there is no need for extra RFID sleeves,No Batteries Required.
  • EFFICIENT CONVENIENCE – Simply slide the card in your wallet for instant protection to all of your cards.

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