How Is RFID Used in Delivery?
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How Is RFID Technology Used in Delivery?

The case of FedEx using RFID technology

FedEx has tested several uses of RFID technology and has successfully applied it to FedEx’s day-to-day operations. They believe that, if combined with effective monitoring methods, the application of RFID in individual fields can benefit both companies and customers.

In the United States, FedEx couriers can open the doors and start the engine with a tap of an RFID button on their wristband when they return to their van. FedEx has also begun testing RFID technology in Australia, mainly using RFID tags and scanners to automatically check and report the status of shipments awaiting customs clearance. This allows FedEx to have more information about shipments, improve employee productivity, and most importantly, provide customers with richer information so they can keep track of the status of their packages.

How Is RFID Technology Used in Delivery?

At present, the application of RFID technology in the express delivery industry mainly involves the following aspects: First, in the express distribution center, for large batches of parcels and express mail, through RFID technology, the relevant logistics information in RFID is used to realize automatic and high-speed express mail. sorting.

In the case where manual sorting is generally used by private small and medium-sized express delivery companies in my country, the use of RFID technology and an automatic sorting system can greatly improve the sorting efficiency and give express delivery companies an advantage in the fierce industry competition.

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