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Written by Nielsen

What Is the Size of the ID Card?

Identity card is an important document used to prove personal identity, and it is widely used in countries all over the world. Different countries and regions may have different ID regulations, so IDs may vary in size.

In many countries, the standard ID card size is usually 85.6 mm (3.375 inches) wide and 53.98 mm (2.125 inches) high. This size is known as the “CR80” size, and it’s the same size as a standard credit card. This size ID card fits in a purse or card case for easy portability and use.

The Origin of Standard Card Sizes

The origin of the standard card size dates back to the mid-20th century, when credit and bank cards became popular. In order to ensure the versatility and portability of these cards, related industries began to formulate a set of unified standard sizes, which was later called the CR80 standard.

The CR80 standard size was first proposed by the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) in 1975. ICMA is an international industry organization specializing in card manufacturing and related technologies, aiming to promote the development and standardization of the card industry.

CR80 standard size is widely used in various types of cards such as credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, ID cards, health insurance cards, etc. Its standard dimensions are 85.6 mm (3.375 in) wide by 53.98 mm (2.125 in) high and typically 0.76 mm (0.03 in) thick. This size card is the same size as a standard credit card and fits conveniently in a purse or card case for easy portability and use.

However, it is important to note that ID card sizes may vary in different countries and regions. Some countries may use slightly different size standards, and some special types of ID cards (such as driver’s licenses, student ID cards, etc.) may have other prescribed sizes.

For example, China’s second-generation ID card measures 85.5 mm (3.366 inches) wide and 54 mm (2.126 inches) high. The German ID card measures 85.6 mm (3.375 inches) wide and 54 mm (2.126 inches) high.

In general, ID card sizes in most countries are close to the CR80 standard size, which helps to ensure the versatility and convenience of ID cards. If you need to apply for an ID card or want to know the ID card size regulations in a specific country or region, it is best to consult the relevant local government department, and they will provide you with accurate and up-to-date information.