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Compare With PVC, Leather, Silicone Luggage Tag. Which Is The Best?

PVC Luggage Tag or Leather Luggage Tag Which One is Better

When it comes to luggage tags, you have many choices. Some are made of PVC, while others are made from leather and silicone. In this article, you will learn about those different luggage tags with different materials.

PVC Luggage Tag

A PVC Luggage Tag is very durable and can withstand rough handling. It is also extremely lightweight and easy to clean. Moreover, it is a great choice if you are looking for a gift for your customers. This is a practical and unique gift that is useful for traveling and showing gratitude to clients and staff.

Designed to hold the luggage strap securely, the Royce luggage tag is made of soft faux suede and a clear PVC ID panel. It has a retractable back panel and includes a removable name tag for additional privacy. This luggage tag is available in subtle colors and vibrant colors, and it has a buckle closure for easy securing.

Leather Luggage Tag

There are two types of luggage tags that you can choose from. One type of luggage tag is made from PVC material, which is durable and not easily damaged by rough handling. The other type of luggage tag is made of leather. If you are looking for a more luxurious luggage tag, you can choose leather.

Leather luggage tags are also a great option if you are looking for a tag that reflects your personal style. They feature patterns to help you identify your luggage, an ID pocket, and a sturdy snap closure.

Silicone Luggage Tag

When deciding on a silicone luggage tag, one must consider the durability of the product. It should not be flimsy and should be waterproof. It should also fit in with the theme of the luggage. For example, you may want to use a bright color on the tag so you can easily find it. There are also smart tags that allow you to track your luggage’s location.

If you’re looking for a luggage tag that’s flexible and pliable, silicone may be a better option. A silicone tag can be bent to fit your bag and is attached to your luggage via a secure metal ring. Silicone luggage tags are available in an array of colors and often feature a design of an airplane. They also come with a privacy cover so your name is hidden unless you open it.

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