Clear PVC Business Cards
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How to Make Sure PVC Business Cards are Clear

How to Make Sure PVC Business Cards Are Clear

How to Make Sure PVC Business Cards are Clear

There are some methods to ensure that PVC business cards are clear. One way is to choose a transparent PVC backer and a white background. This will ensure that no white print shows through.

Choose Transparent PVC Material

Customize your business cards with transparent PVC material. The transparent card basic can make sure the picture and words looks clearer. Besides, the design of transparent card is more elegant thanks to its appearance,

Let PVC Card Manufacturer Know Your Demands

To find a PVC card manufacturer to print PVC cards, there are some details should know. To make sure your cards’s dimension, font of word, card finishing and design. The easiest way is to send the manufacturer your design file of card, ask them to use the best card printing machine to make sure your PVC business cards are clear when they are done.

Changing level of opaqueness or transparency

Changing the level of transparency or opaqueness of your transparent PVC business cards can have a few unintended consequences, but the end result can be eye-catching and impact. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Transparency is an excellent way to add impact and visual interest to your design.

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